Telangana: Heated argument leads to father-daughter’s death on railway tracks | Hyderabad News- Homevior

HYDERABAD: The dead bodies of Kalletti Shivanand, aged 50, and his 20-year-old daughter Kalletti Chandanana were discovered on the railway tracks near Enugonda railway station in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana, late Monday night. Railway officials promptly notified the Railway police, who rushed to the scene to initiate an investigation.
According to police reports, Shivanand was employed as a driver, while Chandana worked as a lab technician at a private hospital in Mahabubnagar.On Monday night, a heated argument erupted at their residence over undisclosed family matters.
Distressed by the situation, Shivanand stormed out of the house, declaring that he no longer wished to live. Despite Chandana’s attempts to dissuade him, he remained resolute in his decision, prompting her to pursue him.
Authorities speculate that Shivanand may have walked directly to the railway tracks, which are situated approximately 500 meters from their home, with Chandana following closely behind.
It is believed that she may have endeavored to prevent him from approaching an oncoming train, but tragically, both individuals were struck by the same train and died instantly at the scene.
Syed Akbar, the Sub-Inspector of the Government Railway Police (GRP) in Mahabubnagar, stated that a case has been registered under section 194 of the BNSS based on a complaint filed by local railway officials. The reason for the Shivanand’s suicide and his daughter’s death is under investigation.


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