Not just William-Kate, Harry-Meghan also have soured equations with the Beckhams- Homevior

In a new book on power couple David and Victoria Beckham titled ‘The House of Beckham‘, celebrity biographer Tom Bower reveals how the Beckhams had a fall-out with the royal couple, as per a report by the New York Post. The Beckams were once quite close to Prince Harry and Meghan, however, a series of events led to their strained relationship.

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As per the report, Meghan was once quite thick with the Beckhams.So much so that she even started their Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles once. Meghan “longed to be ” like Victoria Beckham, and she allegedly had even asked Victoria for “free clothes and handbags,” however the Buckingham Palace had intervened and “vetoed” the request as it was against the royal family’s rules.
Not just this, before getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan had got “beauty advice and best facials and hairdresser in London,” as per the report. But when the details of her makeup advice were leaked to the media, Meghan lost trust in Victoria.
Commenting on this incident, Bower wrote in his new book, “Only after The Sun reported how Victoria had given Meghan makeup advice did the relationship between the two ambitious women crash. Markle was sensitive to the media probing into her unusual past. Harry was ordered to complain to David Beckham.”
But Victoria had refused that she had shared any details about Meghan to the media, and had instead said that they might have been shared by the beautician.
The biographer also states in his new book that apart from the growing mistrust between Meghan and the Beckhams, the former was also envious of the Beckhams leading a more luxurious life than them considering that Meghan and Harry being UK Royals had a higher social status.
Another incident that added to the Beckhams and Meghan-Harry’s soured relationship was when the Beckhams were not invited to Harry and Meghan’s celebrity dinner which was hosted after their wedding. This made the Beckams feel snubbed, which further strained their equations. It is noted that in 2022, Harry and Meghan too were not invited to Beckham’s son Brooklyn’s wedding to Nicola Peltz.


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