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NEW DELHI: You might have noticed on multiple occasions that if you use too many lights in your room, then it will create a gloomy and inviting look. But, on the other hand, if you use low lights, then it will create a suffocating and bland look. So, it is very important to perfectly layer lighting in your room to create the desired ambiance.

When you are looking forward to creating a cool and relaxing environment in your room, then you have to pick lights very carefully. That’s because if you use too dark lights, then it will increase temperature and if you use too low lights, then you won’t be able to see properly. Thus, it is very important to establish a balance in your lighting system. To get a cool environment, you can try the following lighting options:

Cool White Light

The cool white light typically gives the shades of husky blue. These lights are basically known to be the most unattractive lights as they are pretty bland. But, when you have the main agenda to achieve a cool environment, then they are highly suitable as blue light makes you calm. Places like hospitals or clinics where people are very stressed out – it is perfect to use cool white light to create a relaxing environment. Plus, in crowded places, these lights should be used to keep the ambiance cool.

Task Lights

When you don’t want to compromise with the aesthetic appearance of your home while toning down the temperature, then task lights are going to be perfect for you. Task lights produce clear, clean and direct light on the object that keeps the temperature of the rest of the light down. Like, for your study desk, you can use task lights as they will only focus on your desk only and keeps the rest of the room cool.

Natural Lights

Natural white lights mark the middle ground of hues on the colored light scale. It gives off a very natural light that often represents a nice comfortable place with a very casual environment. This light is very clean and cozy that won’t rise up the inner temperature of your room as other incandescent lights usually do. It is a natural light produced by the sun that can bring lots of freshness and nature to your home.

It is a very tricky job to include natural light into your surroundings. You have to introduce natural light in a way to your home that it only brings a good part to your place and leaves all the negative ultraviolet rays outside. To add natural lighting to your home, you can use large open windows with window shielding or you can add skylight on your home. If natural light is smartly introduced to your home, then you can create a perfectly cool temperature.

    • Published On Dec 30, 2019 at 01:30 PM IST
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