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NEW DELHI: Lighting is one of the prominent sectors where you can see the impact of technology. From automation to intelligent lighting technology – everything is becoming real. Now, if in this, you want to add a twist to your home lighting and make them super intelligent, then that’s possible. You just need to adopt a few new lighting gadgets and tools to make your lighting intelligent and modern.

There is a platter of intelligent lighting technology and tools available in the market that it is hard to pick one tool to smarten up your home lighting. But, for the beginning, you can use the following tools to make intelligent lighting system.

Intelligent Power Strips

When you have powered off your electronic gadgets, but they are still consuming the power – only just being powered into the plug. It has been shown that the average household consumes 10% of their energy on lighting sources only. So, you can start making your lighting intelligent by using power strips that can reduce the energy consumption level of your lights. They shut down power products that go into standby mode and save up some serious energy.

IoT LED Bulbs

If you always forget to turn the lights off when you are going out, then you need to replace your regular LED bulbs with an internet-capable LED bulbs that will allow you to control your lights remotely. For instance, when you are leaving your office in the evening, then you can use your smartphone to switch on all the lights so that you won’t come to a dark house and you don’t need to always turn on lights. This intelligent lighting system will prevent you from lots of trouble.

Add Up Dimmers

If you don’t want to spend much on making your lighting intelligent, then you can simply purchase LED dimmers from the market and add along with your lighting. This way you will be able to easily adjust the brightness of lighting sources so that you can dim light when you don’t want bright light. This will also help in preserving the energy and making your lighting system smart.

Get Motion Sensors

Well, yet another simple yet effective way to turn your regular lighting into the intelligent lighting would be using motion sensors. The motion sensor will sense activities going around and stimulate lighting accordingly. Like, if you are carrying a heavy cake box in both hands and you have to walk through the dark stairway, then neither you can switch on lights nor you can walk in the dark. So, how amazing it will become when lights on the stairways automatically light up sensing your presence and automatically turn off after your departure. It is an epic way to make your lighting intelligent.

Temperature Control Lights

Oh yes, now lighting and temperature control technology are coming together so that you can easily adjust the temperature of your home with the light bulbs. It is a quite new technology to make your lighting intelligent, but it is very effective as you will be able to lighten up your home and control temperature with one gadget only.

Today, there are so many different ways available to make your lighting intelligent that you will definitely get confused. So, you just need to analyze your requirements from lighting and try to smarten with the gadgets that can fulfill your requirements. Like, if you don’t like to walk into the dark, then add a sensor along with your LED bulbs.

  • Published On Jan 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM IST

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