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NEW DELHI: In his Lok Sabha speech on Monday, leader of opposition Rahul Gandhi attacked Speaker Om Birla and accused him of “bowing down” in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“When you hold a Constitutional position, your individual aspirations should die,” said Gandhi.
Addressing Om Birla, he said, “You are the final arbiter of the Lok Sabha, the final word here.What you say, fundamentally defines the Indian democracy.”
Referring to the day of Om Birla’s victory as the Lok Sabha Speaker he said, “Speaker Sir, there are actually two people sitting on the Chair — Speaker of the Lok Sabha and Mr. Om Birla. When I shook your hand, you stood straight, but when PM Modi shook your hand, you bowed down and shook his hand.”
The remark created uproar in the House and the home minister Amit Shah stood up to call it an “insult of the Chair”.
Asking the MPs to take their seat, Speaker Om Birla replied, “My traditions and culture have taught me to bow down in front of my elders in both private and public space. And I follow these rules.”
Amid uproar, Gandhi reminded Om Birla about the post he holds. “I respectfully accept your view but want to tell you that no one is bigger than the Speaker in this House.”
All of us should bow down in front of you, Gandhi said telling Birla that he should not bow down in front of anyone in the House.

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